Smart Home Security: The best products

Home security is a challenge for most Americans. Fortunately, Internet of Things has made it a breeze for homeowners to set up smart devices for home monitoring. Highly customizable security systems make it possible to monitor your home from virtually anywhere. But a good system works seamlessly with carefully selected and connected devices. Which ones?


Security Cameras | A standard security camera is handy since it's cheap to install. Connect the security camera to your Wi-Fi to monitor your home from your tablet or phone. Most cameras have built-in sensors which detect sound and motion. They send email notifications whenever sensors get triggered.

You can prevent your pet from causing false alarms by adjusting your camera's motion sensors. Some camera models have temperature and humidity sensors to communicate with connected devices including smart lights and thermostats. When shopping, buy a camera with an SD card gap to record videos. It's essential to save recordings to prevent frequent overwriting.

Video Doorbells | Video doorbells enable you to monitor your door from anywhere. Just connect to your home Wi-Fi, and they'll alert you in case of intrusion. Video doorbells record videos when someone presses your doorbell or move near. Moreover, they offer two-way communication which helps you to talk to the speaker through your phone.



My favorite: Undoubtedly, my favorite video doorbell comes from the guys at Ring. Their products are hard to beat both in price and quality. Instantly see who is at your door in high resolution video from your smartphone. 

Smart Locks | Smart locks are vital components in home security systems. You can install a Z-Wave smart lock to your current security system with ease. If your house doesn't have an automation hub, it's advisable to purchase a Bluetooth smart lock with a mobile app to open and close. Also, intelligent locks allow you to create access schedules for friends and family members to monitor their movement.

My favorite: The Smart Cube (Biased? Maybe.). It's the really the only option on the market for easily locking cabinets, drawers and doors for protecting things inside the home. Parents can keep their babies out of the medicine and cleaning supplies or teenagers out of the alcohol. Airbnb hosts can use it to keep guests out of valuables and professionals can use it to keep important documents locked up. 

Smart Armor Lifestyle (vertical cabinet 1) (2).jpg


Using Internet of Things, you can build a smart home with remote controlled door locks, lawnmowers, lights, vacuums, and thermostats. You can purchase a smart security system with professional installation. Alternatively, you can install security devices such as doorbells to control and monitor your home.