The Best Smart Lights for the Connected Home

Light bulbs have gone smart exponentially. Now, you can replace your ordinary bulbs with an array of connected solutions that are controlled at a few taps on your tablet or smartphone. When buying a smart light, it's necessary to consider their color, connectivity, and compatibility. Some bulbs connect through Wi-Fi while others require Bluetooth.

But with so many alternatives flooding the smart home market, which one is perfect for you? Here are top three smart bulbs you should consider.


1. Philips Hue Light Bulbs | Philips Hue bulbs are easy to install and use. Also, they are consistent and versatile. You can buy white bulbs or color changing bulb that can be controlled through the Hue app. They have an output of 800 lumens which is sufficient for medium-size rooms. Large rooms need several Philip hue bulbs. You can also install Google Home to control the lights with your voice.


2. LIFX's Bulbs | LIFX's bulbs are easy to use, as they don't require a hub. Screw in your lamps and follow the app's instructions. It allows you to control individual bulbs and in groups to create scenes and program the lights to switch on and off at a particular time. There are different LIFX models including the A19 and BR30 bulbs.




3. C by GE Bluetooth Bulbs | C by Ge Bluetooth bulbs are affordable and easy to install compared to ordinary Wi-Fi bulbs. You can buy a C-Life or a C-Sleep lamp. C-Life bulbs are suitable for any part of your house. They produce a white color. On the other hand, C-Sleep bulbs are ideal for bedrooms. They have three distinct settings: a warm light to promote sleep, a cold glare to cheer you up in the morning and ordinary white light.

Usually, the bulbs connect to your security system through Bluetooth. However, you need to be in a Bluetooth range of up to 10 meters to use them.

Smart lights play a crucial role in improving your smart home comfort and security. It's prudent to install bulbs that are compatible with your security system. Consider the price and unique features of each smart light before choosing a particular brand. What do you think?