Smart Home 101: The best products to get started

Smart Home - Justin Zastrow

Imagine a world where everything is connected to each other via the internet. A world where smartphones, thermostats, home lights, water system and windows continuously communicate and are controlled at a push of a button. 

Home automation dream has become a reality. Today, we are on the brink of smart home experience. By 2025, 71% of consumers expect to have smart devices in their homes according to Interpol. What are the most innovative connected home devices? Continue reading to find out. 

Amazon Echo | Amazon Echo is an incredible cloud-connected device that is not only voice activated, but also makes almost everything accessible. With Amazon Echo, one can do the following: make phone calls, control smart home, receive cooking recipes, get news, control TV, connect to Spotify and get fit among many others. 

Nest Thermostat | Smart thermostats control energy consumption in homes. It helps to manage and reduce bills significantly. At the same time, the device creates a comfortable environment for everyone in various rooms. 

Nest is programmed to recognize when heating or cooling is needed. Moreover, it learns rhythms in every home to ensure homeowners use energy when present and save when away. 

Once it learns your rhythm, it creates a conducive environment for your arrival! That control is also on your phone. You can turn the A/C on a few minutes before you arrive. It also analyses data on energy consumption to help you track energy consumptions and identify areas that need improvements. 

Smart Fridges | The best way to never run out of your steady diet is having a smart fridge. It tells you when you’re running out of it. In the beginning, you have to dedicate some time to set everything then live a headache free world afterward.  

There are countless smart home devices today. Many more devices are expected to be released in the market. What are your favorite smart home devices?