The Smart Home: Then, Now and Beyond

Connected Home

There is no place like a smart home. Who wouldn't want to live in a smart house where refrigerators update you on the grocery list, and the AC warms or cools in preparation for your arrival? The smart home idea isn’t new. It has been around for quite many years, but an interactive reality came about a decade ago. 

Technological advancement has created affordable intelligent products for homeowners to scoop up the best home networking solutions. Today, let’s take a look at the history of smart homes and what the future holds. 

Smart Home Evolution

Automated home was aired in the 1960s by The Jetsons. Echo IV became the first smart device. It could compute and create shopping lists, turn appliances on and off, and regulate home temperature. A year later, the kitchen computer made its entry with the ability to store recipes. However, it was not commercially sold. 

It was not until 1991 when gerontechnology combined gerontology and technology to make senior citizen’s lives easier. During this period, a lot of research in technology was witnessed. Smart home popularity grew significantly in the early 2000s as new technologies began to emerge. Intelligent home devices became affordable and started appearing on shelves. 

Smart Homes Today 

Current smart homes focus majorly on comfort, security, living green and sustainability. Apart from keeping us safe, they assist in the management of energy bills and making our stay as cozy as possible. 

Connectivity and interactivity determine how homes are managed and how families live. We are expected to be in many places and be able to monitor and manage our homes. Cutting-edge connectivity makes that automation convenient, comfortable and safe. 

The Future of Smart Homes

Smart home of the future will be like what we watch in animated movies. Everything is turning digital with the entry of artificial intelligence and the support of giant players like Google and Amazon. 

The connected home industry is at its take-off stage. We’ve just begun enjoying the experience. Keep a close look at security, home data, artificial intelligence and efficiency customization. What future do you see in smart homes? Share your thoughts and expectations with us.