Innovative Integrations: Cool Ways To Connect Your Home

Justin Zastrow / Amazon Alexa

Imagine arriving home from work and your smartphone unlocks the door for you. Once inside, lights come on automatically, and your favorite music plays to welcome you. Your voice-activated virtual assistant works as a universal remote control. Everything in your home from lights, TV, speakers, security, temperature, and blinds depends on it. 

You don’t have to worry about leaving lights on, unlocked doors and running stove. When you wake up in the morning coffee is ready. Traffic and weather update report plays on your speakers advising you how to make it work on time.  That is the power of innovative integrations. So, how can you connect your home? 

Apple’s HomeKit | HomeKit is Apple’s novelty product for home automation. It many connects smart accessories such as Philips Hue lights, locks, detectors, wink lights, blinds, thermostats and other smart devices. 

With HomeKit, smart accessories are secure and easy to use. It can work with many smart products such as iPhone, HomePod, iPad, Apple TV and Apple watch. Moreover, any manufacturer interested in implementing HomeKit in their accessories can also do so. 

Amazon Echo Amazon and Echo developed the tipping point for a connected home. With a WiFi router, Amazon Echo makes it easy to reach the fun part. It integrates home automation hubs like Wink, Philips Hue lights, SmartThings and Insteon. Voice controlled smart home makes Echo versatile. One can do almost everything with it. You can play music, read books and articles, kitchen assistant and so much more. 

Samsung’s SmartThingsSamsung’s SmartThings aims to connect smart plugs for communication. The tech connects thermostats, security devices, sensors and detectors and unifies them in one control center. It works with home network based devices using Wi-Fi network or plugged into your router. 

Connecting your home is inevitable in this day and age. Smart homes have proven to be more effective, comfortable, safe and efficient than traditional ones. Homeowners need a cool way to connect all their devices.