Benefits of the Smart Home

Justin Zastrow_Smart Home

Smart homes popularity continues to grow at breakneck speed. Many homeowners are adopting the connotation thanks to its numerous benefits. Those who found it expensive have no option either. Smart home technologies are becoming affordable with the strategy to upgrade little by little. 

Apart from giving homeowners the convenience to control devices and making their stay comfortable, this advancement offers more than what meets the eye. 

Security | Smart home keeps homes secure in many ways. Motion detectors sense movements any time regardless of where homeowners are. Once any movement is detected, a notification is sent to their smartphone or lights come on automatically scaring away potential burglars. 

Detectors are also placed on doors and windows to alert owners when someone tries opening or break in. Most smart home CCTV cameras make it possible to look through any camera using a wall terminal or a smart gadget. False alarms can be turned off at a press of a button. When on holiday, one can set the system to notify a friend or family member. 

Energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness | Smart home technology allows appliances to run with least amount of energy. Today, cooktop stoves only heat when metal pans are placed on top, no overheating and no burners run uncovered. Smart faucet technology maximizes water usage by creating fine individual droplets that create a fulfilling shower experience with minimal water usage. 

Saving money on utility bills has never been this easy. Timers and monitors ensure homes consume energy required. Moreover, these devices are only active when users are present. 

Home resale | New homeowners are more likely to be interested in smart homes since they’re used to using smartphones. They know smart homes save money and time. Also, most people who have lived in smart homes plan to buy such homes in future. 

Smart technologies are only in development stages. What we have witnessed so far is just the tip of the iceberg. Some smart home technologies require significant investment while others are simple and affordable.  Their benefits remain vast and indisputable.  What do you think?